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  • Bearded man sitting with his legs crossed on floor and meditating. Young man in yoga posture doing meditation, mindfulness practice, spiritual discipline at home. Flat cartoon vector illustration.

    How Yoga helps you find inner peace!

    Yoga is more than just a physical activity, it consists of more than just difficult asanas. What is the way to find inner peace? This has been an age old question that most individuals try and seek answers too. Stress is demanding. Yes, it is! It demands all of our energy and attention. Stress also […]

  • Home remedies for fever- featured image- rishikesh yoga blog

    9 Ayurvedic home remedies that can help you beat fever

    Did you know that you can curb your fever just as it has started to set in? What if some common ingredients in your kitchen mixed in the right amount could work as a medicine? Home remedies are tried and tested by moms and grandmoms. There are easy ways to heal mild infections in the […]