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  • Herbs growing in the balcony illustration

    5 Easy to grow Indian herbs in your balcony or window

    This is why you should grow the following herbs at home so that they are available when you need them for instant relief. Tulsi This plant has many health benefits and is known to help with cough as well as cold. This plant has many antibacterial properties. If you add a few leaves of this […]

  • Man drinking water with light purple background drinking water from a sipper after workout illustration

    10 benefits of drinking lukewarm water

    Drinking lukewarm water is one of those new healthy habits that I’m starting to develop with the whole Covid-19 pandemic. I started when the lockdown in India began in mid-March since then I have experienced an overall positive change in my body. It feels like warm water has helped to restore my body for the […]

  • Mint tea and kettle vector art illustration on white background

    5 Benefits Of Mint for a healthier life.

    Mint or Pudina as we call it, is popular for the cooling sensation it imparts. The cold climate of the winter season increases pollutants in the air and suppresses immunity. Therefore, you develop a cold. You may also develop a sore throat which can be very unnerving for some. Even for asthmatics, the winter season […]