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    How Can Yoga Make You Better Parents?

    Parenthood is mind-blowing. It is also often terrifying and hysterical all the while being humbling. It is also the last thing that will be on your to-do list when you have children. However, it actually should be the first. Ways Yoga Can Help You Be A Better Parent Control Your Breath Gaining control over your […]

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    How Yoga Can Help With Chronic Back Pain

    Yoga is considered to be a very popular and safe form of exercise. Several people think of it as an amazing way to get rid of stress. At the same time, it is known to reduce back pain. Asanas or yoga poses make you stretch and strenghten the muscles of your back. As a result, […]

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    How Yoga helps you find inner peace!

    Yoga is more than just a physical activity, it consists of more than just difficult asanas. What is the way to find inner peace? This has been an age old question that most individuals try and seek answers too. Stress is demanding. Yes, it is! It demands all of our energy and attention. Stress also […]

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    Do you know the difference between Yoga & Exercise? The age old debate.

    Our attentiveness has increased towards the importance of physical fitness. Yoga is popular, however, as an exercise, it is in the path of misunderstanding. As a matter of fact, asanas are the support of the exercise part of yoga. Additionally, asanas are different when it comes to their performance and their results. Relaxation of muscles […]

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    5 Easy to grow Indian herbs in your balcony or window

    This is why you should grow the following herbs at home so that they are available when you need them for instant relief. Tulsi This plant has many health benefits and is known to help with cough as well as cold. This plant has many antibacterial properties. If you add a few leaves of this […]

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    5 Benefits Of Mint for a healthier life.

    Mint or Pudina as we call it, is popular for the cooling sensation it imparts. The cold climate of the winter season increases pollutants in the air and suppresses immunity. Therefore, you develop a cold. You may also develop a sore throat which can be very unnerving for some. Even for asthmatics, the winter season […]

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    5 Reasons why you should be doing yoga in the evening?

    Using yoga in day to day life is beneficial in many different ways. Active practice in the morning gives you all the energy to go about your day. Yoga in the evening can help you wind down at night. Practicing yoga is wonderful and calming for your mind and it will prepare your body for […]

  • Yoga practice in the morning with sun illustration

    Practicing Yoga In The Morning

    Yoga in the morning is the most invigorating and an experience filled with enlightenment. If made into a habit you follow daily, you may notice many visible changes. Many people with anxiety or issues with eating healthy can benefit from the healing properties of practicing yoga. There are studies that show increased flexibility can help […]