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  • People doing yoga in the park illustration

    Why choose Yoga as a lifestyle? – Rishikesh Yoga Blog

    The morning sunlight starts your day when it enters the room to wake you up from your sound sleep. You go into the kitchen to make a cupful of organic green tea. It’s before you start sweating on a treadmill in an air-conditioned gym, just to lose extra pounds much faster. How about a long drive […]

  • yoga for back pain, man in yellow shirt with back bent

    9 yoga asanas for your spinal problems – Rishikesh Yoga Blog

    If you look around just for a second right now, what can you see? I bet you can find almost everyone turned into a hunchback. You don’t believe me? You can ask this same question to the person staring into the screen reading this article on correcting her or his spine problems. You might have […]

  • Curvy woman doing yoga at home illustration wearing blue yoga pants and red top

    Yoga For Migraine – Rishikesh Yoga Blog

    In any situation, I wouldn’t want to feel that my head is about to explode just from the sheer pain, with no proper explanation. I mean, who would want that? Right? What is Migraine? As the doctors put it, migraine is a neurological condition caused by abnormal brain activity. In simple terms, the wiring inside […]

  • Man drinking water with light purple background drinking water from a sipper after workout illustration

    10 benefits of drinking warm water – Rishikesh Yoga Blog

    Drinking lukewarm water is one of those new healthy habits that I’m starting to develop with the whole Covid-19 pandemic. I started when the lockdown in India began in mid-March since then I have experienced an overall positive change in my body. It feels like warm water has helped to restore my body for the […]

  • woman doing yoga on brown yoga mat, yoga clothes maroon and pink and brown

    Benefits of doing yoga every day – Rishikesh Yoga Blog

    Yogic practice is a blueprint for leading a meaningful, wholesome, and most importantly balanced life is its inherent quality. If you pursue yoga as a holistic therapy or utilize it as a tool for self- actualization, or maybe cash in on it to align your body and channelize your energy to attain a superhuman state […]